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Hedgehogs are gardener’s friends

Hedgehogs have been having a hard time in recent years, and the British population is thought to have fallen from around 35 million 60 years ago to a mere 1.5 million today. This is bad news, as they are the gardener’s friends since they consume many pests including centipedes and slugs. If there are hedgehogs in your area (they tend to be absent where badgers are numerous) they are easily encouraged, coming regularly for food. They will eat anything from peanuts to bread but we especially recommend I ♥ Hedgehogs™, our hand-mixed blend whose popularity has been confirmed by hedgehogs throughout Britain.

It is unusual to see hedgehogs about by day since they are nocturnal; daylight encounters usually indicate a sick animal. It is equally rare to see two adults together except when mating, as they are solitary creatures. The youngsters only remain with their mother for five or six weeks.

Hibernation usually begins in October but some youngsters will remain active until December if the weather remains mild. A hibernation nest of leaves and grass is usually built under brushwood or similar cover. To provide ideal hibernation sites in your garden we now offer a choice of three hedgehog boxes, all of which may also be used by the female for breeding next season. Incidentally, hedgehogs generally move their hibernation home at least once during the winter so if you have a large garden a choice of boxes makes sense.

For further info about caring for hedgehogs look at the British Hedgehog Preservation Society’s website, www.britishhedgehogs.org.uk.