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Fledge. Help UK conservation when you buy online.

Support the work of much-loved UK wildlife causes with Fledge, our charity micropayments scheme.

Every time you buy online from Living with Birds, we’ll make a donation worth 1% of your order to deserving UK conservation projects. It’s that simple. And best of all, Fledge doesn’t cost you a penny: we’re making the donation, not you.

We’ve selected four causes we feel passionate about: BTO, The Grasslands Trust, Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital and WWT.

The difference with Fledge is that you choose which causes to support. You might want the entire value of our donation to go to just one charity. Alternatively, you can split it between two, three or four causes.

Once you’ve joined Fledge you don’t have to do anything else. You can view the status of payments online and switch between causes at any time. And of course taking part in Fledge is entirely at your discretion.

Don’t forget: being a part of Fledge won’t add anything to the cost of your order. Donations come out of our pocket, not yours. With Fledge everyone’s small actions can really add up and make a difference.

Choose your charities (you must be signed in to your account).

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