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Living with Birds Swift Response Calls CD Schwegler Woodcrete Favourite Nest Box

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Swift Response Calls CD

This 73-minute CD of screaming swifts has been produced specially to attract passing swifts to form new nesting colonies. Our swift boxes are readily adopted by swifts as soon as they find them but that is where they need help.

By playing this CD you can draw the swifts to the boxes. The best time to use the CD is when the swifts return in May. By continuing to play for the remainder of the swift season (until late July) you may attract potential colonists that will return next spring.

Use a CD player with a repeat function (most have this) and play the calls at full volume in good weather between 6am and 8am and again between 7.30pm and 9.30pm (or later in northern Britain). It is best if the loudspeaker can be attached to, or even inside, the nest box.

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