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Living with Birds Roundhouse™ Schwegler Woodcrete Favourite Nest Box

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Specially designed for wrens

Instantly recognisable from its loud, warbling song, the wren favours a round, enclosed nesting space that it lines with moss, feathers and fur. A proven magnet for these tiny birds, Roundhouse™ is one of our most popular contemporary boxes. Boasting excellent year-round occupation rates for roosting as well as nesting, this unique design also offers excellent protection from predators. 

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Why chose me: 

  • Unique design, perfect for wrens, blue, great and coal tits house and tree sparrows. 
  • Built to last in rot-proof, virtually indestructible Woodcrete. 
  • Fit and forget with no painting, varnishing or maintenance. 
  • Site near ground, tucked into undergrowth, or hang from tree or shed eaves. 
  • Ready to mount with supplied galvanised steel hanger. 
  • Guaranteed for life: no-quibble 25 year warranty. 


Diameter: 185mm approx.

Entrance hole: 30 x 27mm.

Cable length: 200mm approx.

Weight: 2kg.

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