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Hornet Starter Box

Ideal for hornets and late wasps.

Especially during the time in which the nest is established, unfavourable facors such as bad weather, food shortage or the lack of suitable nesting options, which overstrain the young hornet queen in her attempt to find a dry and safe place to build her nest and keep warm.

This nest box provides the ideal climatic control conditions for a young colony; the unique entrance minimises unwanted disturbances from birds, bats and mammals. It is suitable for building a nest and can act as a smaller safe house for late wasps.

In order to increase acceptance it is advised to site in sunny locations, hardly approached by humans.

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  • hornet-starter-box
  • Ideal for hornets and late wasps
  • Minimal cleaning required as ideal sited away from human presense
  • Constructed with breathable Woodcrete
  • Backed by a 25 year guarantee


Dimensions: H 350mm x B 160mm x D 170mm

Weight: 3.9kg approx.

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