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Accommodation for insects

Insect populations depend on a supply of suitable nesting sites. Conservation professionals and wildlife lovers trust our range of specially-designed houses, boxes and other accommodation solutions for insects.

Insect House
Insects R1
Wildlife Paving Stone
Insects R2
Underground Bumblebee Box
Insects R3
Overground Bumblebee Box
Insects R4
Lacewing Box
Insects R5
Earwig Tubes
Insects R6
Combination Insect Box
Insects R7
Hornet Box
Insects R8
Hornet Starter Box
Insects R9
Insect Nesting Aid, Woodcrete
Insects R10
Insect Nesting Aid, Reed
Insects R11
Insect Nesting Aid, Clay & Reed
Insects R12
Insect Nesting Aid, Hardwood
Insects R13
Insect Snappy
Insects R14

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