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Living with Birds Modular House Martin Nest Semi-finished Schwegler Woodcrete Favourite Nest Box

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BSA Approved

Modular House Martin Nest Semi-finished

In areas which pools of clay, loam or clay soil are available and accesible for martins, the 13B can be provided as a semi-fnished nest for the house martins to finish themselves.

The advantages of the semi-finished nest is that they provide a secure place for breeding and cannot fall off, which can happen with the martins own construction, due to unsuitable clay composition. The optimum solution is to attach the semi-finished nest alternately with a finished nest.

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  • modular-house-martin-nest-semi-finished
  • Easily removable clips for inspection and cleaning
  • Ideal for house martins
  • Constructed with breathable Woodcrete
  • Backed by a 25 year guarantee


Dimensions: W 250mm x D 140mm.

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