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Living with Birds House Martin Terrace Schwegler Woodcrete Favourite Nest Box

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BSA Approved

House Martin Terrace No 11

This exceptionally stylish design will compliment any house and prove equally popular with the martins. Straightforward to erect (masonry screws are provided) and easy to clean (each nest slides out after release of a safety screw) the woodcrete construction of both nests and housing ensures it will look just as attractive after 20 years and 80 or more broods.

Droppings Board

The optional droppings board prevents the nuisance caused by droppings accumulating around windows and doors.

The board can be quickly and easily installed using 2 screw holes. Mount below the House Martin Terrace to catch the droppings.

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Dimensions: 180H x 430W x 150D mm.

Weight: 6.3kg.

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