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Living with Birds Small Bat Box 3FN Schwegler Woodcrete Favourite Nest Box

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Small Bat Box 3FN

Great for smaller bat species.

A specially adapted bat box, thanks to the smaller entrance openings at the front and in the floor, this model provides icnreased protection against natural predators.

It is recommended to place in areas with large numbers of dormice.

The opening in the floor provides the best protection against predators, draughts and bright light. With the two access options bats can land on the tree trunk and crawl through the opening in the floor and fly away directly from the wide front entrance.

The roost is partly self-cleaning as some droppings can fall out of  the bottom entrance. It is still recommended to check and clean the bat box if it is used by a large number of bats.


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  • small-bat-box-3fn
  • Partially self-cleaning where droppings fall out of the floor entrance
  • Easy cleaning as front panel is easily removed
  • Constructed from 100% natural, zero maintenance Woodcrete
  • Two entrances
  • Supplied with a hanger and aluminium nail


Dimensions: 160 Diameter x 360H mm.

Weight 4.9kg.

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