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Living with Birds 2FE Wall-Mounted Bat Shelter Schwegler Woodcrete Favourite Nest Box

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2FE Wall-Mounted Bat Shelter

This wall-mounted bat shelter is ideal for Pipistrelle, Whiskered and Barbastelle bats species.

The 2FE is a very effective, simple and cost-effective solution for providing crevic-inhabiting bats with a place to hide away.

It can be used in the summer if mounted on a wall facing south or east, and for winter use, install it in a location free from ice and frost such as damp cellars. It can also be installed in an attic or other unheated rooms.


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  • 2fe-wall-mounted-bat-shelter
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Dimensions: 30H x 25W x 3-5Dcm.

Weight: approx 2.5kg.

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