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Living with Birds 1GS Brick Roost Bat Schwegler Woodcrete Favourite Nest Box

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1GS Brick Roost

The special material used in the 1GS Brick Roost provides bats which hibernate underground with the moistness that they prefer

Use as winter quarters: The Schwegler 1GS Brick Roost can be installed in areas protected from frost, making it ideal for accommodating large numbers of these animals. The internal heigh and the volume have been carefully designed to meet the requirements of hibernating bats, which prefer to have the back and front of their bodies in contact with the roost, and the interior of the Schwegler 1GS recessed block with its variable cross-sections and niches is ideally shaped for this purpose. 

Use as summer quarters: The Schwegler 1GS Brick Roost is also ideally suited for summer use. Individual male Natterer's bats and also small groups of Daubenton's bats often roost on open culverts and under bridges. The Schwegler 1GS block provide an ideal daytime roosting place for them and other types of bats.



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Attachment: Adjustable, rustproof brackets are used to attach it to ceilings and walls and even to the rounded insides of tunnels. Direct contact with the wall or ceiling helps with the absorption of available moisture and encourages the bats to colonise a site. 

Efforts to protect bats are assisted if the Schwegler 1GS block is installed in an undisturbed place free of draughts, and where the air is moist.

  • Material: Special lightweight concrete that insulates and also absorbs moisture
  • Attachment: With the enclosed, freely adjustable brackets (corrosion-resistant)
  • Inspection and cleaning: Can be very easily checked from underneath using a torch, cleaning is not necessary (self-cleaning)


Dimensions: 430W (with 750mm for each bracket) x 200H x 200D mm.

Weight: 10kg.

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