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Living with Birds Avianex™ Schwegler Woodcrete Favourite Nest Box

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The walls, patios and balconies of our own homes are valued nesting sites for species like sparrows, tits, nuthatches and redstarts. Widely chosen by architects and house builders, this distinctive box integrates beautifully with old-style and new properties alike. Crafted in virtually industructible Woodcrete by world experts Schwegler, Avianex™ fixes easily to a wall where it stays looking good for decades. Inside, the curving walls gently support the sides of a nest, while simplifying removal of discarded material once the breeding season is over. 

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Why chose me: 

  • Warm, secure and inviting - proven to attract more tenants. 
  • Built to last in rot-proof, virtually indestructible WoodcretePlus. 
  • Round entrance hole attracts tits, redstarts, pied flycatchers, house sparrows and tree sparrows. 
  • Fit and forget with no painting, varnishing or maintenance. 
  • Front panel removes for inspection: no sharp internal angles for easy cleaning out of debris. 
  • Simple, secure fixing with supplied galvanised screw hook. 
  • Guaranteed for life: no-quibble 25 year warranty. 


Dimensions: 270H x 190W x 230D mm.

Weight: 5.5kg.

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