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Living with Birds Avianex™ Schwegler Woodcrete Favourite Nest Box

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BSA Approved


Elegantly curvaceous Avianex™ is a nest box that's like no other. Specially designed for wall mounting, it's built to the same meticulous standards as our Official Woodcrete Box, with a distinctively scuplted look that compliments properties of any age. Inside, curving side walls gently support the sides of a nest while simplifying removal of discarded nesting material at the end of the breeding season.

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  • 32mm entrance hole ideal for tits, house and tree sparrows, redstart, nuthatch and pied flycatcher
  • Constructed from 100% natural, zero-maintenance WoodcretePLUS
  • Removable front panel for cleaning and inspection
  • Supplied with galvanised screw hook and wall plug
  • Backed by 25 year guarantee (in addition to your statutory rights)


Dimensions: 270H x 190W x 230D mm.

Weight: 5.5kg.

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