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The Schwegler Roundhouse™ Bird Nest Box

Specially designed for wrens

Instantly recognisable from its loud, warbling song, the wren favours a round, enclosed nesting space that it lines with moss, feathers and fur.

A proven magnet for these tiny birds, Roundhouse™ is one of our most popular contemporary boxes. Boasting excellent year-round occupation rates for roosting as well as nesting, this unique design also offers excellent protection from predators.

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Why choose me?

  • Unique design, perfect for wrens, blue, great and coal tits house and tree sparrows
  • Built to last in rot-proof, virtually indestructible Woodcrete
  • Fit and forget with no painting, varnishing or maintenance
  • Site near ground, tucked into undergrowth, or hang from tree or shed eaves
  • Ready to mount with supplied galvanised steel hanger
  • Guaranteed for life: no-quibble 25 year warranty

Wrens are found virtually all over the world, being indigenous to Europe, North America, Asia and North Africa. It is a socalled sedentary species, spending the winter among us. However, part of the population is known to migrate. They feed exclusively on small creatures. Their favourite food is spiders, crane flies, moths, flies and other insects, along with their eggs and larvae. They use their pointed beak to probe cracks and crevices. Consequently Wrens are very useful as a form of natural pest control.

The Roundhouse is an ideal way of assisting the Birds to raise their young successfully. Because we tend to keep our gardens tidy, they offer fewer natural nesting opportunities. Extensive investigations have shown that Wrens prefer an enclosed, round nest hole. These are then lined with moss, feathers and fur, etc. The Roundhouse is made of tried and tested SCHWEGLER woodcrete, provides excellent protection from nest predators. It not only houses Wrens when bringing up their young but also provides a place where they can sleep in the winter.

Materials used: SCHWEGLER woodcrete is a unique weatherresistant, long-lasting material which is also "breathable", which means it prevents condensation. It is hung up using the integrated wire rope made of stainless steel which can be easily looped over a sawn-off branch, for example.

Wrens like to nest near the ground, in a 'green wilderness' and in undergrowth. They are not particularly good flyers, preferring to hop about in the undergrowth. They like shady places – in hedges, thickets, heavily
overgrown areas and bushes as well as balconies.

Attachment: Hang the nest box in undergrowth, in a shady place. It can also be built into a pile of brushwood. If hung completely free, it will also attract other types of Birds that nest in holes and cavities, including Blue Tits, Coal Tits and Great Tits, as well as Tree and House Sparrows.

Cleaning and checking: We recommend that you do not carry out any checks between April and June in order to avoid disturbing the brood. The nest box, which comprises two shells, should therefore ideally be cleaned during the autumn or winter months. To do this, remove the cable from which it is suspended. The upper shell can be easily lifted off the lower one. When cleaning has been completed simply place the two halves together again and secure using the cable.

Includes: Spherical Wren House with wire rope.

Dimensions: diameter of sphere approx. 18.5 cm.

Entrance hole: 30 x 27 mm.

Cable length: approx. 20 cm.

Weight: approx. 2 kg.


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