Living with Birds 2HW Open-Fronted Nest Box

2hw open fronted nestbox on wall

The Schwegler 2HW Open-Fronted Nest Box

This nest box with an additional nesting area is readily occupied even when hung in dark locations. Without the extra nesting area it can be used for Dippers and Grey Wagtails under bridges and in culverts.

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Our nature conservation programme contains various models for Birds that nest in cavities or recesses. They are particularly suitable for species that prefer an open, balcony-type entrance area, e.g. Redstarts and Robins. The wide, open access to the clutch and the nestlings that is a feature of this type of box means that such species are often under threat from predators. Due to the large access to the breeding chamber, however, the clutch and brood of these species are often threatened by predators. The advantage of all open-fronted and niche nesting boxes is that they can be attached to buildings, as for protection reasons, these bird species prefer to nest on houses, sheds etc. The predator-proof, open-ended box 2HW helps to prevent such attacks and unprotected installation on trees can then be recommended. Secure against Magpies and Jays (with nesting chamber insert).

This particularly deep box can be hung up on an open site or against outside walls. A wooden insert, which can be removed for inspection and cleaning purposes, gives protection against predators because nesting takes place at the far end of the box. The design of the 2HW also ensures quick occupation when hung in relatively dark places due to the wide entrance. It can also be used to attract Dippers and Grey Wagtails provided that the wooden insert is removed. The ideal location for Dippers and Grey Wagtails is near to natural running water and under bridges.

Occupants: Black Redstart, Pied Wagtail, Grey Spotted Flycatcher, occasionally Robin and Wren.

External dimensions: 20W x 20H x 30D cm.

Nesting chamber:
15 x 21 cm.

SCHWEGLER Woodcrete Nest Box. Hanger: steel, galvanised.

Nest box, brood chamber insert, hanger and aluminium nail.

approx. 5.1 kg.

  • Dimensions: 200H x 200W x 300D mm.
  • Weight: 5.1kg


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