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The Schwegler 1FF Bat Box

A practical addition to the bat-box range, designed specifically for buildings. It is sufficiently spacious to allow colonial bats to use as either a roost or nursery.

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The Flat Bat Box 1FF is a crevice roost that is open at the bottom. It can be used even in extremely steep locations and it is maintenance-free, i.e. it does not have to be cleaned. Because the flat box is open at the bottom, droppings can fall out. The Flat Bat Box also has a large inspection flap that can be opened. The 1FF has been fitted with a roughed wooden back panel, made of very resistant wood, to level out temperature fluctuations in the spring and autumn. This means that the animals can use the cooler wood-concrete or the warmer wooden panel depending on their individual climatic needs.

This box has proved highly effective under practical conditions everywhere, in gardens and forests as well as on urban buildings and balconies. Thanks to the central fixing only a nail or screw is required to fix the box securely in position; an added advantage on lightweight panel walls or in rented accommodation. There is a radial recess at the rear that enables good and steady installation on masts or tree trunks. Thanks to its additional four support points it can also be attached securely to houses, garages, towers, hunting hides and walls. The vertical and horizontal narrowing of the box makes it very suitable for all crevice-inhabiting Bat species. It offers the animals optimum interior depth wherever it is hung up, i.e. back contact on and with the wood or wood-concrete on the inside.

Material: SCHWEGLER Woodcrete. With a hanger - steel, galvanised.

Ext. Dim.:
27W x 43H x 14D cm.

12D x 24D mm x 21L cm.

approx. 9 kg.

Box, hanger and aluminium nail.


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