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Jackdaw Nest Box 2CM

Ideal for jackdaws.

Suitable jackdaw roosts should be offered especially where old buildings are renovated and structural changes are made.

The jackdaw is very social and forms breeding colonies if the conditions are suitable, and this nest box is ideal for use on buildings.

The 2CM is fixed onto the building with with an X-bracket made of stainless steel; which is screwed onto the building with four screws and the nest box can be hung on the retaining hook and secured with an additional locking screw.

Alternativley the 2CM can be installed on flat roofs without the X-bracket. With the screws positioned ot the side of the nest box, away from the entrance it is not possible for the jackdaws to open the box.

As special delivery terms apply you are unable to order this product via our website, please enquire for a quote on 0800 072 0130


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Jackdaw Nest Box 2CM
  • Jackdaw Nest Box 2CM


  • Ideal for jackdaws
  • Screws on the side to take off the front panel for an easy clean/inspection
  • Constructed from 100% natural, zero maintenance Woodcrete
  • Backed by a 25 year guarantee



  • External - B 500mm x H 370mm x D 420mm
  • Internal - B 300mm x H 350mm x D 310mm
  • Weight - 21kg approx.

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