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Living with Birds 1SH Project Nest Box for Woodpecker Nest Boxes By Species

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1SH Project Nest Box

for Woodpeckers

Woodpeckers do not usually move into artificial nest cavities to breed.
These nest cavities are only used by woodpeckers as a roost cavity to sleep in. Many years ago successful tests showed that different species of birds, such as woodpeckers, as well as the willow tit, only accept nest boxes if they are able to peck out part of it (just like a natural cavity in rotton willow).

If attached to facades the 1SH provides an opportunity to encourage great spotted and green woodpeckers to move in and to divert their attention away from the facade as a pecking surface. In this case it is advisable to install the box in the immediate vicnity of the areas of the facade preferred by the birds and/or at the corners of the house - The low weight of the 1SH makes it very easy to attach securely.

If the nest cavity is not accepted by woodpeckers in some areas, by removing the innercore it is possible to create a breeding cavity for stock pigeons, boreal owls, jackdaws, hoopoes etc.


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H460mm x Diameter 200mm

Weight: 10kg

Hole size: 80 x 90mm

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