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Living with Birds CedarPlus Triple Sparrow House Cedar & Pine Favourite Nest Box

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CedarPlus Triple Sparrow House

Give our sparrow population much-needed help with this sturdy, attractive designed house. Both house and tree sparrows are sociable birds that like to nest in colonies: the Triple Sparrow House is designed to provide comfortable accommodation for three pairs of nesting side by side. The front door hinges forward for inspection.

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  • cedarplus-triple-sparrow-house
  • cedarplus-triple-sparrow-house
  • 19 and 25mm thickness Canadian cedar for excellent insulation and strength.
  • Aluminium fixing nail will not damage tree and is safe when eventually felled.
  • Hinged inspection door with rust-proof catch


Dimensions: 310H x 370W x 185D mm.

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