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Cedar & Pine Favourites

What else measures up to the warmth and natural appeal of real wood? Our wooden nest boxes provide quality accommodation that’s valued by birds for nesting and year-round roosting.

They’re built to last from chunky, quality timber – unlike thin, flimsy wooden boxes that rot after a couple of seasons. You don’t even need to reach for the paint brush: they’ll keep their natural good looks for years, ageing gracefully without the need for varnish or preservatives.

Cedar Pine Favourites R1
  • Made exclusively from long-lasting cedar
  • Sourced from expertly managed Canadian forests
  • Ideal for a range of British species
Cedar Pine Favourites R2
  • Designed to provide comfortable accomodation for three pairs of sparrows nesting side by side 
  • Front door hinges forward for inspection
Cedar Pine Favourites R3
  • Birds enjoy easy access through the open entrance
  • Made with natural brushwood
  • Held in place using wire or strong gardening string