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Living with Birds Cedar & Pine Favourites Nest Box

Natural Beauty

What else measures up to the warmth and natural appeal of real wood? Our wooden nest boxes provide quality accommodation that’s valued by birds for nesting and year-round roosting.

They’re built to last from chunky, quality timber – unlike thin, flimsy wooden boxes that rot after a couple of seasons. You don’t even need to reach for the paint brush: they’ll keep their natural good looks for years, ageing gracefully without the need for varnish or preservatives.

The Official™ Cedar
Wooden Nest Boxes R1
The Official™ Pine
Wooden Nest Boxes R2
CedarPLUS Triple Sparrow House
Wooden Nest Boxes R3
The Official™ Ultimate
Cedar   Pine Favourites R4
Robin Nester
Cedar Pine Favourites R5

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