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BTO Nest Box Guide

Nest boxes have always been a Jacobi Jayne speciality, and we pride ourselves on providing the widest range of quality nest boxes in Britain. While our own acclaimed nest boxes offer unrivalled accommodation for anything from a wren to a barn owl, we also know the satisfaction that many people get from making their own boxes. It's for this reason that we are delighted to sponsor the new BTO Nestbox Guide that has been chosen as the Official Handbook of National Nest Box Week.

Covering everything you need to know about nest boxes, this handy guide includes tips on design and construction, care and maintenance as well as practical advice on the best places to erect boxes in any garden. As author Chris du Feu emphasises, good design and choosing the right materials are essential if a nest box is to serve its primary purpose: enabling birds to rear their young safely and securely.

The BTO Nestbox Guide covers 20 common species that frequently nest in boxes, with full details of their ecology as well as the best types of nest box to erect for them. It's not just small birds such as blue tit and robin that are covered, either; the guide includes invaluble information on larger species like kestrels, tawny owls and jackdaws.

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