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Living with Birds Robin Mix Table & Ground Feeding Food

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Robin Mix

Specially for robins and softbills

Robins, blackbirds and song thrushes aren’t big seed eaters. Here’s a specially tailored blend that includes peanut granules, sultanas and sunflower hearts, with no husks that softbills struggle to open. Offer this high-energy blend on a bird table, or scattered to attract species that prefer to feed on the ground.

Note: feed with care since sultanas are dangerous to dogs.

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Robin Mix
  • Robin Mix
  • For ground-feeding softbills
  • High energy blend with added fruit
  • No husks: ideal for softbills' delicate beaks


Note that none of our sacks weigh more than 12.55kgs. They're easier to store and safer to carry than big, bulky sacks.

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