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Living with Birds Suet Balls & Cakes Food

Versatile and dependable

With its ultra-high saturated fat levels, suet is one of the most calorific foods you can offer wild birds. Welcomed all year round, it’s incredibly versatile too. Pick from our range of hand-made cakes and tubs, bite-sized grains – and our spectacular Chunky Dumplings™.

Birdfood Cakes
Suet Balls  Amp  Cakes R1
Tub Cakes
Suet Balls  Amp  Cakes R2
Chunky Dumplings™
Suet Balls  Amp  Cakes R3
Chunky Dumpling Cakes
Suet Balls  Amp  Cakes R4
Suet Grains™
Suet Balls  Amp  Cakes R5
Suet Balls Amp Cakes R6

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Living with Birds

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