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Living with Birds Easy Peasy® Birdfood Suet Balls & Cake

Easy Peasy® Birdfood

Easy Peasy Birdfood
Easy Peasy Birdfood
Easy Peasy Birdfood
Easy Peasy Birdfood
Easy Peasy Birdfood
Easy Peasy Birdfood
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Proper birdfeeding without fuss

Convenient to store and serve, these high quality suet cakes make proper birdfeeding simple for everyone. There are no feeders to fill and nothing else to buy: just loop the pop-up hanger over a tree branch and you’re ready to start feeding.

Ideal for year-round feeding, Easy Peasy® is an excellent source of easily digestible energy in winter and during the breeding season.

We’ve chosen flavours for you, but please make any changes you wish.
minusplus Lovely Buggly
minusplus Happy Go Nutty
minusplus More the Berrier
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Easy Peasy® Variety Pack

Easy Peasy Variety Pack
Special OfferBSA ApprovedNew

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  • High quality suet, ideal for year round feeding

  • Quick and convenient with no feeders to fill

  • Includes pop-up hanger, nothing else to buy

  • Pot and lid are 100% compostable; pop-up hanger can be widely recycled


Available in 3 Flavours:

  • Lovely Buggly with dried insects, seeds and nuts

  • Happy Go Nutty with peck-sized peanut pieces and seeds

  • More the Berrier with dried cranberries and blueberries

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