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Versatile and dependable

With its ultra-high saturated fat levels, suet is one of the most calorific foods you can offer wild birds. Welcome all year round, it's incredibly versatile too.

Pick from our range of hand-made cakes and tubs, bite-sized grains - and our spectacular Chunky Dumplings™. 

Suet Balls Amp Cakes R1
  • Make birdfeeding gloriously simple with a pop-up hanger that loops over a handy tree branch
  • Convenient to store and serve
  • Available in 3 different flavours
Suet Balls Amp Cakes R2
  • Rich and plumptious with seeds you can see
  • Includes wholesome, natural ingredients that birds relish
  • Sold in both 85g and 100g sizes
Suet Balls Amp Cakes R3
  • Handmade in small batches and individually packaged for easy handling
  • Every cake weighs in at a generous 340g
  • Pack contains 3 cakes
Suet Balls Amp Cakes R4
  • Scatter them on a bird table or loose on the ground, offer them straight or mixed, with peanuts in a mesh-style feeder, or blend them with seeds in tubular feeders
  • Available in both Insect and Peanut flavours
Suet Balls Amp Cakes R5
  • All of our birdfood cakes provide a full 340g of high-energy, year-round food, conveniently wrapped individually for easy handling
  • Available in up to 5 flavours
Suet Balls Amp Cakes R6
  • Available in the same flavours as our Birdfood Cakes, and well over twice the size at 800g
  • Each Tub Cake includes our clever hanger for easy suspension from a branch or hook