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Living with Birds Flutter Butter® Jars Peanut Butter for Bird Food

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BSA Approved

Flutter Butter®

A whole new way to feed garden birds

Is it the nutty aroma? Or is it the down-to-earth goodness that birds sniff out? There’s something about Flutter Butter® that’s absolutely irresistible.

Birds love peanut butter. But what’s great on your toast is bad for birds – ordinary peanut butter has too much salt. Rich, nutritious Flutter Butter® is naturally low in salt and gives birds a protein boost. Simply twist a jar into any of our Flutter Butter® Feeders to provide an instant feeding point.

For allergen advice, see below. 

We’ve chosen flavours for you, but please make any changes you wish.
minusplus ® Original, 330g
minusplus ® Buggy, 330g
minusplus ® Fruity, 330g
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  • Each jar contains 330g of Flutter Butter
  • Three flavours available - see below
  • Compatible with the Flutter Butter® Feeder and Flutter Butter® De Luxe Feeder
  • Empty jars readily recyclable




  • Flutter Butter® Original - rich, nutty goodness - the original peanut butter for birds
  • Flutter Butter® Buggy - with insects to ramp up protein levels even further
  • Flutter Butter® Fruity - blended with fruit for a balanced, vitamin-rich berry burst




  • Save up to 10% with Flutter Butter® Multipacks
  • Pick and mix any combination of flavours when ordering


Allergen information

Flutter Butter® Original - 

Contains allergens: cereals containing gluten (wheat), peanuts. 


Flutter Butter® Buggy - 

Contains allergens: cereals containing gluten (wheat), peanuts. 


Flutter Butter® Fruity - 

Contains allergens: peanuts. 



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