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Living with Birds Mini Mealworms Live & Dried Mealworm Food

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Mini Mealworms

Popular with hungry fledglings

Typically 13-18mm long, these young mealworms are particularly suitable for fledglings just starting to feed themselves.

Where have all the mealworms gone?**

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Mini Mealworms
  • Mini Mealworms
  • Perfect for adult birds raising a young family
  • Unbeatable source of easily-digestible protein
  • Ideal for fledglings


To help you offer live foods all year round, delivery is just £2.50 whenever you need to order them on their own.


**Mealworm farmers are an increasingly rare breed. For the dwindling number of specialist suppliers an unusually hot summer has hit production hard, and stocks of live mealworms have virtually dried up as a result. Cultivating mealworms takes time, and we expect the current shortage to ease by autumn.


As an alternative, many customers report that our high quality dried mealworms go down just as well with their birds. Like all our foods, they’re available at summer prices until 30th September.

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