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Living with Birds Mealworms Live & Dried Mealworm Food

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Live Mealworms

Protein at its most prized

Mealworms provide a safe, nutritious source of protein for most garden birds - especially adults to feed their young. This most desirable of foods is easily served, a few dozen at a time, from a shallow, steep-sided dish covered from the rain. Many of our feeders are also ideal, such as our I Love Robins® Feeder. 

They are a perennial favourite with robins, blackbirds and other soft-food eaters - they may even take them from your hand!

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  • live-mealworms
  • live-mealworms
  • live-mealworms
  • live-mealworms
  • Ideal for adults feeding their young
  • Unbeatable source of easily-digestible protein
  • No more effort to store than a bag of seed!

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