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Living with Birds I Love Hedgehogs™ For Hedgehog Food

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BSA Approved

I Love Hedgehogs™

Made for our favourite mammal

UK hedgehog populations are sadly declining, faced by a range of threats to their natural habitat. Here’s your chance to give them a valuable nutritional boost – whether they’re bulking up for winter or foraging busily to regain their post-hibernation strength for the courtship season.

Tailor-made for these endearingly shy mammals, our delicious blend includes nuts, fruit, sunflower hearts and cereals, laced with sweet energy-rich honey. And for good measure we've added dried insects, hedgehogs' natural protein preference.

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  • High energy formulation complements hedgehogs’ natural diet
  • Offer all year round, especially during breeding season from April/May
  • Best offered on the ground or in a shallow bowl
  • 500g size features convenient stay-fresh foil pouch

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