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Flo R1

Feeders that give you more

Leading our large-bore feeder family, colourful flo™ features a seed tube that’s wider than regular bird feeders. As well as holding more food, this clever design encourages seed to flow freely without clogging. Large, specially shaped perches let birds feed in comfort from any angle. Best of all, everything comes apart instantly for cleaning.

Flo R2

Move up to metal

If you’re serious about bird feeding, it’s time to invest in a wide-tubed feeder with chunky all metal fittings. Keeping its good looks for longer than plastic feeders, flo™ lifetime also offers protection against marauding squirrels that can wreck plastic feeders in days.

Flo R3

A real cause for celebration

Our biggest ever feeder demands bird’s attention, bringing an unmistakable presence to larger gardens, parks and conservation centres. Its wide-bored ultra-high-capacity tube lets seed flow freely, providing food for even more visitors and cutting refill trips. Made in high quality metal, it’s a truly stunning addition to your garden.


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