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Living with Birds I Love Robins® Window Feeder

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BSA Approved

I Love Robins® Window Feeder

Get a totally unobstructed view of birds feeding up close

Enjoy a really close-up view of colourful garden visitors with this elegant full-size feeder that fixes firmly to any window.

There's plenty of perching space to tempt everyday favourites like tits and robins as well as shy new visitors. The adjustable rain canopy protects food and feeding birds from sudden showers. Dropping the canopy's height can help discourage larger birds such as pigeons.

Perfect for serving up I Love Robins, seeds and mealworms.

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  • i-love-robins-window-feeder
  • i-love-robins-window-feeder
  • Perfect for serving up I Love Robins, seeds and mealworms
  • Tough long-lasting polycarbonate gives clear view of feeding birds
  • Powerful suction cups won't leave a mark on glass
  • Can also be wall mounted with optional Feeder Fixer
  • Lifetime Guarantee


Dimensions: 240W x 310H x 75D mm.
Tray: 180W x 50H x 150D mm.
Canopy: 238W x 60H x 176D mm.
Weight: 0.3kg.



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