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Living with Birds Droll Yankees® X-Large Tubular Feeder

Impressive capacity, dependable quality

Just like humans, birds hate queuing – here’s the perfect way to make sure they don’t have to. Suitable for larger gardens, these high capacity feeders are ideal for attracting maximum numbers of birds. They don’t need replenishing so often either: a big bonus if you’re going away on holiday for a week.

Droll Yankees® B7
Droll Yankees® X Large R1
Droll Yankees® B72
Droll Yankees® X Large R2
Droll Yankees® B72-R
Droll Yankees® X Large R3
Droll Yankees® B72-Elite
Droll Yankees® X Large R4
Big Top Feeder
Droll Yankees® X Large R5
Droll Yankees® X Large R6

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Living with Birds

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