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Living with Birds Big Top Feeder Droll Yankees® X-Large Tubular Feeder

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Droll Yankees® Big Top Feeder

It’s a really big problem for squirrels

Squirrels hate this feeder - they slide off the dome without reaching the seed. The base of this versatile feeder features seed ports for tits and other agile birds, while the tray above keeps perching birds like chaffinches happy.

The integral seed valve lets you adjust the flow to the feeding points to suit the size of the seed you are providing. Designed for hanging only, the Big Top Feeder's strong bottom hook can be used for hanging another feeder or Birdfood Cake.


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  • droll-yankees-big-top-feeder
  • Adjustable flow to the feeding points
  • Strong bottom hook for hanging another feeder or Birdfood Cake
  • Designed for hanging only


Dimensions: 390W x 400H x 215D mm.
Capacity: 3.4 litres.
Weight: 1.7kg.

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