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Tray & Platform Feeders

Many bird species like robins, sparrows and thrushes won’t give tubular feeders the time of day, preferring a flat surface. Our range of thoughtfully-designed tray and platform feeders instantly broadens your options for attracting the widest possible range of birds. They’re versatile, too, with options for offering seeds, blends, suet and mealworms.

Tray Platform Feeders R1
  • Models for ground, hanging and window feeding 
  • Perfect for I Love Robins® food

Tray Platform Feeders R2
  • Dish ideal for feeding all year round
  • Made in frost proof ceramic 
  • Dishwasher friendly 
Tray Platform Feeders R3
  • Forged in wrought iron
  • Ages gracefully, developing a natural patina over the years
  • Bird baths and wall bracket also available
Tray Platform Feeders R4
  • Authentic wood grain finish 
  • Manufactured from high-grade recycled plastic
  • Ground, hanging and window tray options available
Tray Platform Feeders R5
  • A raised rim allows birds to perch comfortably 
  • Drainage holes prevent waterlogged food
  • Feed on a lawn, flowerbed or branch

Living with Birds

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