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Living with Birds Woodlook™ Ground Tray & Platform Feeder

Woodlook™ Ground Tray

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Looks like wood – but lasts longer

The superbly stable frame of this elegant feeder looks remarkably like natural wood. It won’t warp or rot and never needs painting or staining. The tough, stainless steel mesh base makes it ideal for offering straight foods and blends. Dust and small fragments of uneaten seed fall straight through for extra hygiene. If you fancy, try adding a Deep-Dish™ for a nourishing side order of live mealworms. 

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  • Eco-friendly frame made from recycled materials - will not rot, warp or fade
  • Looks like natural wood: never needs painting, staining or varnishing
  • Stainless steel mesh base offers drainage and allows uneaten seed fragments to fall through
  • Ideal for offering straight foods, blends or live foods

Dimensions: 430W x 325D x 145H mm.

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