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Living with Birds I Love Robins® Treat Tray & Canopy Tray & Platform Feeder

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I Love Robins® TreatTray

Treat yourself to a really close up view of birds.

Here’s a great way to see birds really close-up – and it also makes an ideal secondary feeding point for any garden. Fill the clear, sturdy tray with I Love Robins, seeds or mealworms and get ready to enjoy the show.

Treat Tray clings to any window and removes easily. It’s made in tough polycarbonate that won’t crack or discolour.


TreatTray™ Canopy

This tough, highly practical Canopy shields TreatTray™ and its contents from rain.

For best results we recommend positioning around 10-15cm directly above the tray. If you prefer, lower the canopy’s height to discourage larger birds like pigeons and starlings. Just like TreatTray, it’s moulded in clear, tough polycarbonate that’s easy to wash by hand.

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I Love Robins TreatTray
  • I Love Robins TreatTray
  • I Love Robins TreatTray
  • I Love Robins TreatTray

TreatTray™ dimensions: 20H x 120W x 100Dmm.
Canopy dimensions: 30H x 180W x 130Dmm.

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