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Living with Birds Deep-Dish™ Flowerbed Tray & Platform Feeder

Deep-Dish™ Flowerbed

Deep-Dish Flowerbed
Deep-Dish Flowerbed
Deep-Dish Flowerbed
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A graceful accent for borders and lawns

Drive the coated steel spike into a border, flowerbed or lawn for an instant feeding solution. Hiding the spikes in bushes or shrubs creates an elegant 'floating' effect, with the feeder dish appearing to hover effortlessly above foliage.

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  • Dish styled in clear, tough polycarbonate
  • Raised rim allows birds to perch in comfort
  • Drainage holes prevent waterlogged food
  • Fill with mealworms, seed or suet
  • 1 Metre tall


Dimensions: 170W x 1000H x 170D mm.

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