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Many bird species like robins, sparrows and thrushes won’t give tubular feeders the time of day, preferring a flat surface. Our range of thoughtfully-designed tray and platform feeders instantly broadens your options for attracting the widest possible range of birds. They’re versatile, too, with options for offering seeds, blends, suet and mealworms.

Timber Table™tray platform feeders timber table
  • Designed and hand-crafted in the UK
  • Constructed in FSC certified timber, with a pitched roof that keeps food and birds dry

from £49.99

I Love Robins® Hanging Treat Dishtray platform feeders hanging treat dish
  • Easily twist off the tray to clean
  • Twist & lock feature secures the dish, preventing it from lifting or tipping

from £14.99

I Love Robins® Feedertray platform feeders x2
  • Adjustable dome height allows easy access for small species
  • Clear tray and dome offers unobstructed views

from £28.99

I Love Robins® Pearl Feederi love robins collection 2024 ilr pf
  • Adjustable dome height will deter larger birds like pigeons
  • Drainage holes in the base help prevent waterlogged seed

from £14.99

I Love Robins® Window Feederwindow feeders window
  • Drop the canopy height to discourage larger birds
  • Adjustable rain canopy offers protection from rain

from £19.99

I Love Robins® TreatTray & Canopytray platform feeders treattray
  • Treat Tray clings to any window and removes easily
  • Treat Tray Canopy shields food contents from the rain

from £6.99

I Love Robins® Easy-Clean Treat Dishtray platform feeders easy clean
  • Turn the dish in place to prevent lifting or tipping
  • Long-lasting polycarbonate won't crack or yellow in the sunlight

from £12.99

I Love Robins® Ceramic Dishtray platform feeders robin dish
  • Frost proof and dishwasher friendly
  • A smooth rim allows for perching in comfort

from £14.99

I Love Hedgehogs™ Dishwildlife feeders dish
  • A glazed ceramic dish ideal for serving I Love Hedgehogs™
  • Both frost proof and dishwasher friendly

from £14.99

Old Iron™ Flower Feederstray platform feeders flower feeder
  • Drive the spikes into a lawn or flowerbed
  • Choose from poppy or sunflower-inspired designs

from £15.99

Old Iron™ Daisy Wall Feedertray platform feeders wall feeder
  • Feed birds with a classical flourish
  • Screw to a wall or fence post

from £18.99

Old Iron™ Corner Dishtray platform feeders corner dish
  • Fix to a house or shed corner
  • Requires two fitting screws

from £21.99

Old Iron™ Buttercup Water Dishtray platform feeders buttercup
  • Its heavy weight ensures it won't be knocked over in the wind
  • Use on the ground or bird table

from £20.99

Woodlook™ Ground Traytray platform feeders woodlook ground
  • Eco-friendly frame made from recycled materials
  • Looks like natural wood: never needs painting, staining or varnishing

from £39.99

Woodlook™ Hanging Traytray platform feeders woodlook hanging
  • Stainless steel mesh base offers drainage and allows uneaten seed fragments to fall through
  • Ideal for offering straight foods, blends or live foods

from £36.99

Woodlook™ Window Traytray platform feeders woodlook window
  • Any window makes an ideal spot for this elegant tray feeder
  • Attach to a clean, dry window

from £29.99

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