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On the level

Many bird species like robins, sparrows and thrushes won’t give tubular feeders the time of day, preferring a flat surface. Our range of thoughtfully-designed tray and platform feeders instantly broadens your options for attracting the widest possible range of birds. They’re versatile, too, with options for offering seeds, blends, suet and mealworms.

I Love Robins® Feedertray platform feeders x2
  • Adjustable dome height allows easy access for small species
  • Clear tray and dome offers unobstructed views

from £27.99

I Love Robins® Pearl Feedertray platform feeders pearl feeder
  • Adjustable dome height will deter larger birds like pigeons
  • Drainage holes in the base help prevent waterlogged seed

from £13.99

I Love Robins® Window Feederwindow feeders window
  • Drop the canopy height to discourage larger birds
  • Adjustable rain canopy offers protection from rain

from £18.99

I Love Robins® TreatTray & Canopytray platform feeders treattray
  • Treat Tray clings to any window and removes easily
  • Treat Tray Canopy shields food contents from the rain

from £6.99

I Love Robins® Easy-Clean Treat Dishtray platform feeders easy clean
  • Turn the dish in place to prevent lifting or tipping
  • Long-lasting polycarbonate won't crack or yellow in the sunlight

from £11.99

I Love Robins® Ceramic Dishtray platform feeders robin dish
  • Frost proof and dishwasher friendly
  • A smooth rim allows for perching in comfort

from £14.99

I Love Hedgehogs™ Dishwildlife feeders dish
  • A glazed ceramic dish ideal for serving I Love Hedgehogs™
  • Both frost proof and dishwasher friendly

from £14.99

Boxwell Ground Feeder & Drinkertray platform feeders boxwell
  • Handcrafted in metal with an antique finish
  • Use for water or food

from £29.99

Old Iron™ Flower Feederstray platform feeders flower feeder
  • Drive the spikes into a lawn or flowerbed
  • Choose from poppy or sunflower-inspired designs

from £15.99

Old Iron™ Daisy Wall Feedertray platform feeders wall feeder
  • Feed birds with a classical flourish
  • Screw to a wall or fence post

from £18.99

Old Iron™ Corner Dishtray platform feeders corner dish
  • Fix to a house or shed corner
  • Requires two fitting screws

from £21.99

Old Iron™ Buttercup Water Dishtray platform feeders buttercup
  • Its heavy weight ensures it won't be knocked over in the wind
  • Use on the ground or bird table

from £20.99

Woodlook™ Ground Traytray platform feeders woodlook ground
  • Eco-friendly frame made from recycled materials
  • Looks like natural wood: never needs painting, staining or varnishing

from £39.99

Woodlook™ Hanging Traytray platform feeders woodlook hanging
  • Stainless steel mesh base offers drainage and allows uneaten seed fragments to fall through
  • Ideal for offering straight foods, blends or live foods

from £36.99

Woodlook™ Window Traytray platform feeders woodlook window
  • Any window makes an ideal spot for this elegant tray feeder
  • Attach to a clean, dry window

from £29.99

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