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Living with Birds Copper Roof Suet Ball Suet Ball & Cake Feeder

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Copper Roof Suet Ball Feeder

Holds more suet, shrugs off rain showers

Despite its deceptively compact dimensions, this high-capacity suet feeder holds a generous seven 100g fat balls. Tough wire frame gives plenty of space for birds to perch and feed in their favourite position. Pitched copper-toned roof keeps suet – and feeding birds – dry. Wire hanger loop unhooks and roof lifts off for easy refills.


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  • copper-roof-suet-ball-feeder
  • copper-roof-suet-ball-feeder
  • High capacity: holds 7x 100g fat balls
  • Easy refills
  • Roof protects birds and fat balls from rain


Dimensions: 225W x 230H x 78D mm.
Capacity: 7 x suet balls.
Weight: 0.44kg.

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