Living with Birds The Nuttery Contemporary Squirrel Proof Feeder Feeder

Nuttery™ Contemporary

Bold, geometric shapes and eye-catching colours are a unique design signature of these latest-generation Nuttery™ feeders. They’re no mere artworks, efficiently barring squirrels from your precious bird food, year after year.

The Nuttery™ Contemporary R1
  • Distinctive dining that's off limits for squirrels
  • Holds up to 8 fat balls or 2 fat cakes
The Nuttery™ Contemporary R2
  • A great way of offering seed mixes safely
  • Holds 0.6l of seed
The Nuttery™ Contemporary R3
  • Specially designed for feeding peanuts
  • Holds 0.6l of peanuts
The Nuttery™ Contemporary R4
  • Specially designed for feeding niger seed
  • Holds 0.6l of niger seed

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