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Living with Birds Nuttery™ Squirrel Proof Feeder

British made for sterling performance

It’s the famous British name in squirrel-proof bird feeding. Award-winning Nuttery™ protects your investment in quality birdfood with a rugged steel cage that bars squirrels and other predators while allowing birds to feed uninterrupted. There’s a choice of attractive designs, with options for feeding peanuts, seeds and Birdfood Cakes.

Nuttery™ Original
Nuttery™ R1
Nuttery™ Roundhaus
Nuttery™ R2
Nuttery™ Geohaus
Nuttery™ R3
Nuttery™ Suet Ball Feeder
Nuttery™ R4
Nuttery™ Hexihaus
Nuttery™ R5
Nuttery™ Suet Cake Feeder
Nuttery™ R6
Nuttery™ Helix
Nuttery™ R7
Daisy Suet Ball
Nuttery™ R8

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