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Living with Birds Flutter Butter® Treehouse Feeders Peanut Butter Feeder

Flutter Butter® Treehouse

Lawns, flowerbeds, sheds, fences and tree branches: everywhere in your garden is a feeding point in waiting.

The homely, natural styling of these brand-new feeders is a wonderful complement for the unique versatility of our Flutter Butter® Pods.

Every Treehouse Feeder opens up plenty of extra dining options. They're made by hand in treated pine, with a distinctive pitched roof that protects Pods and feeding birds from rain. All Treehouse Feeders are specially designed for use with our 170g Pods - they're not intended for 330g Flutter Butter® jars.

Treehouse Hanging
Flutter Butter® Treehouse R1
Treehouse Duplex
Flutter Butter® Treehouse R2
Treehouse Wall
Flutter Butter® Treehouse R3
Treehouse Post
Flutter Butter® Treehouse R4
Flutter Butter® Treehouse R5

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Living with Birds

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