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Living with Birds Flutter Butter® Flowerbed Feeder Peanut Butter Feeder

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BSA Approved

Flutter Butter® Flowerbed Feeder

Add a splash of year-round colour to garden borders and lawns.

This colourful, eye-catching feeder is specially created for Flutter Butter® Pods. Great for flowerbeds, garden borders and lawns, it's quick and easy to assemble, with a spike that drives straight into the ground. Flutter Butter® Pod swaps are equally fuss-free.

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  • flutter-butter-flowerbed-feeder
  • Easy pod swaps
  • flutter-butter-flowerbed-feeder
  • Yellow Flowerbed Feeder
  • flutter-butter-flowerbed-feeder
  • flutter-butter-flowerbed-feeder
  • flutter-butter-flowerbed-feeder
  • Colourful flower-inspired design
  • Fuss-free Pod swaps
  • Quick and easy to assemble


Total height: 1190mm.

Suitable for Flutter Butter® Pods only.

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