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Old Iron™ Feeders

This beautiful family of feeding dishes is forged in wrought iron that ages gracefully in your garden, developing a natural patina over the years.

Old Iron™ Buttercup Water Dishtray platform feeders buttercup
  • Its heavy weight ensures it won't be knocked over in the wind
  • Use on the ground or bird table

from £20.99

Old Iron™ Flower Feederstray platform feeders flower feeder
  • Drive the spikes into a lawn or flowerbed
  • Choose from poppy or sunflower-inspired designs

from £15.99

Old Iron™ Daisy Wall Feedertray platform feeders wall feeder
  • Feed birds with a classical flourish
  • Screw to a wall or fence post

from £18.99

Old Iron™ Corner Dishtray platform feeders corner dish
  • Fix to a house or shed corner
  • Requires two fitting screws

from £21.99

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