Living with Birds Suet Balls & Cakes

Versatile and dependable

With its ultra-high saturated fat levels, suet is one of the most calorific foods you can offer wild birds. Welcome all year round, it's incredibly versatile too.

Pick from our range of hand-made cakes and tubs, bite-sized grains - and our spectacular Chunky Dumplings™.

See the Difference™see the difference suet cakes seed
  • Rich and moist with double the fat of ten leading brands
  • Conveniently wrapped individually for easy handling

from £5.99
£4.99 Special introductory price

See the Difference™ Tub Cakesstd tub cakes 2
  • Each Tub Cake includes our clever hanger for easy suspension from a branch or hook
  • Choose from Insect, Mixed Seeds or Peanut when ordering

from £6.99
£5.99 Special introductory price

Buggy Dumplings™Buggy Dumplings Studio 1
  • Bursting with insect goodness
  • There's a substantial 5% of pure insect oil and 6% of dried insects in incredibly nutritious Buggy Dumplings™

from £7.99

Chunky Dumplings™chunky dumplings bird food cd85 6
  • Rich and plumptious with seeds you can see
  • Includes wholesome, natural ingredients that birds relish
  • Sold in both 85g and 100g sizes

from £5.99

Suet Grains™suet grains suet pellet bird food suet grain insect
  • Scatter them on a bird table or loose on the ground, offer them straight or mixed, with peanuts in a mesh-style feeder, or blend them with seeds in tubular feeders
  • A great way to encourage more species into your garden

from £3.29

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