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i love robins food treat dish robin garden
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I Love Robins®

Tailor made for Britain's favourite bird

Everyone loves robins. And what better way to give them extra help than our ultra-rich blend that’s tailor-made for Britain’s favourite bird?

Hand-blended, I Love Robins® delivers an irresistibly aromatic energy burst that's perfect for winter feeding. Packed with fruit, shrimp, insects and honey, it’s welcomed by song thrushes, blackbirds and other soft-billed species.

You’ll find that a little I Love Robins® goes a long way. Offer sparingly on a bird table or on the ground. Better still, avoid the risk of soggy, waterlogged food with a feeding dish or tray like our popular I Love Robins® TreatTray™ or I Love Robins® Pearl Bird Feeder.

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Why choose me?

  • Specialist formulation delivers extra protein and energy
  • Perfect for winter and year-round feeding

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I Love Robins®

i love robins food pouch food pile

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Your questions answered

What bird food do robins like?

Robins don’t favour standard seed mixes because their beaks aren't good at cracking open seed husks. They prefer softer foods like insects, worms, and fruit. They'll also take smaller seeds, peanut pieces, and sunflower hearts with the husks removed.

Best of all, look for a blended food like 'I Love Robins®️ which is specially prepared for robins. It's made with fruit, insects, shrimps, sunflower hearts, peanut granules, and honey—a soft, moist, and intensely rich food for “Britain's best-loved bird”.

  • Not suitable for tubular feeders – causes clogging
  • Supplied in a stay-fresh foil pouch
  • Contains allergens: cereals containing gluten (wheat), crustaceans (shrimp), egg, peanuts.


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