Living with Birds Feeding Stations Poles & Mounting Accessory

Centre of attention

Our Feeding Stations provide a constant reminder of life outside, letting you enjoy the colour and movement of birds exactly where you want. Everything's included - just add hanging feeders to taste. They're a convenient time-saver on chilly autumn mornings, giving you the opportunity to refill several feeders in one fell swoop. Periodically moving your Feeding Station a metre or so will help keep the ground fresh. 

Feeding Stations R1
  • Heavy-duty pole in weather-resistant black coated steel.
  • Double bracket with spiral finial.
  • Standard seed tray and water dish.
  • An additional small bracket.



Feeding Stations R2
  • Heavy gauge screw-together pole in weather-resistant black coated steel. 
  • Double bracket with extra-large finial.
  • Large seed tray and water dish.
  • Additional bracket.
  • Heavy-duty ground spike for extra stability.



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