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The Schwegler Sparrow Terrace

Numbers of house sparrows in the UK have been tumbling: our population of six million pairs is half what it was in 1980. The good news is that the decline is levelling out, and there have been increases in many localites. One satisfying way to help sparrows is providing a Sparrow Terrace.

These are highly sociable birds that like to nest in company. The Terrace, made in WoodcretePLUS by world experts Schwegler provides insulated accomodation for three families.

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While nesting and raising their young both types of Sparrow feed exclusively on Insects, especially Arthropods (insects with segmented
legs). Therefore, their traditional role in keeping down pests and maintaining the balance of nature is a very important one, though not always recognised.

Recently the numbers of both species have declined substantially and in some areas they are now rarely seen. Long term studies have confirmed this drastic reduction in their numbers across Europe. The causes include the clearance and monotonous nature of rural areas, the sterility of many gardens and landscaped areas, and the use of chemicals in agriculture and gardens. The survival of these species is particularly threatened by widespread building renovation and clearance which denies them many nesting possibilities.

Occupants: House and Tree Sparrows, and in some instances other Birds which use nest boxes such as Tits, Redstarts and Spotted Flycatchers.

Material: SCHWEGLER woodcrete.

Siting: On all types of houses in built-up areas, and on industrial and agricultural buildings such as barns, sheds and factories.

Installation height: 2 metres or more above ground level.

Dimensions of the three brood chambers: 10.5W x 16H x 15D cm (each).

External dimensions: 43W x 24.5H x 20D cm.

approx. 15 kg.

1SP, screws and plugs.


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