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The wonder of water

Birds need free access all year round to a supply of fresh water for drinking, bathing and feather care. It’s one of the biggest favours you can do for wild visitors, and one of the most often overlooked. Our beautifully styled bird baths make an attractive focal point in any sized garden – and they do a vital job into the bargain.

Bird Baths R1
Bird Baths Collection_bling_1
  • Made in sustainable Polyboo, a mix of recycled plastic and natural bamboo fibres
  • The integral pedestal raises Oasis just above ground level
Bird Baths R2
Bird Baths Collection_bling_2
  • This elegant stand raises virtually any birdbath or drinking dish off the lawn or decking
  • Black coated steel with with vine leaf motif
Bird Baths R3
  • Made in tough, light Claypas composite
  • The rim is embossed with the opening lines from the poem 'Leisure' by WH Davies, 1911. 
Bird Baths R4
  • Rippled step profile that lets birds perch in comfort
  • The rim is inscribed with a quote from the poem 'Auguries' by William Blake, 1863
Bird Baths R5
  • Made in Claypas
  • Supplied with a low-level base
Bird Baths R6
  • Textured surface detailing gives birds a sure grip 
  • Ideal for lawns, flowerbeds or patios
Bird Baths R7
  • Fired in high-quality terracotta
  • Stepped spiral contour allows birds to perch comfortably
Bird Baths R8
  • Textured surface detailing gives birds a sure grip
  • Ideal for lawns, flowerbeds or patios

Living with Birds

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