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Proof's in the Pudding

Our Chunky Dumplings™ were tested at an independent food lab alongside ten other well-known fat balls. They weighed in with 80% more fat than the average of the others. What's more, Chunky Dumplings packed an astonishing three times the fat of one top brand. Those extra calories make all the difference when small species like blue tits can burn through 30% of their body weight in a single bitter night.

Proofs In The Pudding I1

All that extra calorie-rich fat means birds can refuel faster in the depths of winter, when every second counts. See how ten other popular brands contained less fat than Chunky Dumplings:

Brand A - 43% less
Brand B - 72% less
Brand C - 47% less
Brand D - 53% less
Brand E - 24% less
Brand F - 24% less
Brand G - 43% less
Brand H - 57% less
Brand I - 45% less
Brand J - 48% less

Tests carried out in 2015.