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Proof's in the Pudding

Our Chunky Dumplings™ were tested at an independent food lab alongside ten other well-known fat balls. They weighed in with 80% more fat than the average of the others. What's more, Chunky Dumplings™ packed an astonishing three times the fat of one top brand. Those extra calories make all the difference when small species like blue tits can burn through 30% of their body weight in a single bitter night.

Proofs In The Pudding I1

All that extra calorie-rich fat means birds can refuel faster in the depths of winter, when every second counts. See how ten other popular brands contained less fat than Chunky Dumplings™:

Brand A - 43% less
Brand B - 72% less
Brand C - 47% less
Brand D - 53% less
Brand E - 24% less
Brand F - 24% less
Brand G - 43% less
Brand H - 57% less
Brand I - 45% less
Brand J - 48% less

Tests carried out in 2015.