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Living with Birds 2KS Dormouse Schwegler Woodcrete Favourite Nest Box

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2KS Dormouse

The Type KS dormouse drey is an inexpensive way of helping to preserve this tiny woodland species.

In accordance with FFH directives, this animal and its habitats enjoy special protection in all member states of the European Union. The “2KS Special Drey for Common Dormice” has been fieldtested and is ideal for supporting and monitoring dormouse populations. After occupying the box dormice are very territorial, and their territory will extend between 150 and 200 m from the drey.


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  • 2ks-dormouse
  • Suitable for Common Dormice
  • Made from water-resistant, air-permeable Woodcrete
  • Comes with a galvanized mounting strap and aluminium nail
  • Low maintenance
  • Backed by 25 year guarantee (in addition to your stautory rights)
  • Suitable for trees with a diameter of 20-30 cm
  • The 2KS has a 30mm access


External Dimensions:  290H X 175W X 225D mm

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